Top Reasons Why Hardwood Floors are the Best Choice


There are many wood options available to meet everyone's needs.
Hammer-in pads for your furniture can extend the life of your floor.
Stains can dramatically change the look of your floor.
Vents, borders, and medallions can brighten up existing floors.
Refinishing an old hardwood floor is more sustainable than replacing the floor.
If you just purchased a new home you might want to have your floors refinished prior to moving in. Not only does this save you money, you do not have to move all the furniture twice.
You can spice up your existing floors by installing borders and medallions.
Hardwood floors raise the value of your home.
Hardwood floors look newer, longer.
Hardwood flooring expresses history throughout a home.
Area rugs in high traffic areas will help to prevent exposure to dirt and water.
Existing stairs can be easily refinished for a brand new look.
Choosing a hardwood floor company that is licensed & bonded can save you money down the road.
Adding quarter round to the trim may enhance the appearance of your new hardwood floors.
Waterborne finish delivers low VOCs.
Wood floors make your indoor air quality better.
Acclimation is key for proper installation.
Maintenance coats keep your wood floors looking like new.
Preparation is key to a proper installation, sand & finish.


"The Kinseys were very professional and spent time with me discussing the project and what I was looking for in terms of color before I even hired them. I wanted a dark color, but I didn't like the stain on the oak boards. After seeing some pictures, I had my heart set on 3-inch Brazilian Cherry. The installation went quickly once the wood was acclimated. Ryan and Jess finished up with the Trio sander and I could definitely see a huge change in the final sanding process. I wanted a base finish that was going to last a lifetime. I chose Waterborne finish knowing that there would be zero odor afterward. I was surprised by how the Brazilian Cherry looked when the job was complete. I don't think I'm ever going to sell my home. Thank you Ryan and Jess."

Tom P.
Camas, WA
"The Kinseys were very informative about refinishing my oak floors. They sold me on their craftsmanship and product line. I'm happy to say that the job went smoothly and I didn't think my floors could look as good as they do. Thank you Kinsey Hardwood Flooring for all your hard work."

Joanne S.
Portland, OR
"I was undecided about extending more hardwood flooring throughout my house. I wanted the floors to match but I knew that the floors I have now are 2.25-inch white oak and were installed in the late 80's. Kinsey Hardwood Flooring came and gave me a bid and educated me very well on how critical it is to match the existing species and grade. I felt very confident that my floors were going to match up just fine. Jess and Ryan performed a perfect blend when weaving the floor together. I was so excited to see my house full of beautiful hardwood floors. The sanding process was fast and shockingly clean. I picked the eco-friendly finish that was commercial grade and I got three coats. It was nice to step away from the Swedish odors from my previous house and use a low-odor but very strong and durable waterborne finish. The job and the decision to use Kinsey Hardwood Flooring was well worth the wait. Fantastic job guys."

Greg B.
Portland, OR
"I had Kinsey Hardwood Flooring do everything to the floors. They demoed the carpet and padding and removed all the staples before installing 3-inch maple. The house stayed very clean and the job site was always looking very professional. Ryan and Jess met all the scheduling requirements. I felt like I could trust these guys in my house and trust that they would give me an exceptional job. After the install was done, I could see their work and was impressed. The sand and finish was icing on the cake. The products they used were outstanding. The waterborne finish they applied worked out perfectly for me and the odor was very low to nothing. They exceeded my expectations. Thanks Kinsey Hardwood Flooring."

Joe N.
Portland, OR
"Kinsey Hardwood Flooring did a great job on refinishing our old Douglas fir floors. Keeping the dust to a minimum was crucial for us. The Kinseys pulled through with flying colors. Jess's and Ryan's work was excellent and they were a pleasure to be around. Having the owners on the job sure made a difference in quality from our past experience. Thank you guys."

Lisa & Ken M.
Portland, OR
"My husband and I wanted a more durable, easier-to-clean floor for our hectic family lifestyle. We chose Kinsey Hardwood Flooring to install hickory hardwood floors because of the wood's density and longevity, as well as the toughness of the waterborne finish they used. They were so understandable in the way that they conveyed information to us about the high-quality products that they use. The owners, Ryan and Jesse, were both on the job, exceeding my and my husband's expectations. We love the job Kinsey Hardwood Flooring did."

Mary & Bill C.
Vancouver, WA
"I just want to say, "Thanks guys for making what I thought would be a nightmare job into a dream job." I was skeptical about having my oak hardwood floors refinished because of all the horror stories I had heard about dust. When I saw how Kinsey Hardwood Flooring conducted themselves at the estimate, my worries were leaving me as they discussed their dustless system and how clean they would keep the house. When I showed up at the house to see the progress, I was happy to see that they had hung plastic and tape over all the cabinets in the kitchen, and they were keying on protecting the important things that I couldn't get off the walls. My house was 98% dust-free just like they said it would be. They were very respectful and they made the job a joy to have done. I highly recommend Kinsey Hardwood Flooring to anyone. I can't wait to have you guys back to do more work."

John & Sarah G.
Lake Oswego, OR
"I'm a wife and a mother of three and I want a respectful company in my home and I want my family to be safe from any toxic finishes on my new hardwood floors. In my search for a hardwood floor company I wanted to use a family-owned and operated hardwood company. I decided on Kinsey Hardwood Flooring. When Jess came to my house to do the estimate he politely introduced himself and told me a little bit about what his company stands for. We started talking about family and the environment as he was measuring. Then he started telling me how environmentally-friendly hardwood flooring is. Jess was explaining how the forests are harvested to make these hardwood floors, what woods are quickest to regenerate, how hardwood flooring actually has a positive impact on the environment, discussed different types of low-toxicity finishes, etc... I said, "WOW!" I couldn't believe how green hardwood flooring is! Jess told me about all the different woods that would best suit my wants and needs. After talking for a while I decided on having lyptus hardwood flooring installed with waterborne finish. I had Kinsey Hardwood Flooring install lyptus flooring throughout my entire house. What a glowing difference. The job went perfectly smoothly and we were back in our home before hew knew it. My house was spotless! Awesome job guys! Thank you so much Jess & Ryan."

Beth A.
Camas, WA
Jesse & Ryan, Thanks for the great job on my maple floors. I have to say that the floors actually look better now than they did when they were originally installed. The finish is perfect and your work was done on time and on budget. You left my home clean and dust-free. Thanks again!

Patrick B.
Camas, WA
"We'd been thinking about getting hardwood floors in our house for quite a while, got a couple different estimates, but were concerned about price and disruption to our living area during installation. We support using local, independent business over big-box stores so I found Kinsey Hardwood Flooring in Woodland, WA through a simple Google search. We already knew what we wanted so when Jesse Kinsey came to give us an estimate, I was impressed with how passionate he was about hardwood flooring! He convinced me of his expertise, his bid was reasonable, and he seemed excited to get started. I was impressed with how conscientious he was to keep ALL the dust out of the rest of the house and his focus on installing floors with expert precision. He seamlessly blended new flooring into the existing floor and fixed a former flaw along the staircase. Jess did an excellent job! We are so pleased with the results and wholeheartedly recommend Kinsey Hardwood Flooring."

Dottie T.
Woodland, WA
"My wife and I contacted Kinsey Hardwood Flooring because they are a local, family-owned business. We found them to be very responsive, prompt, and thorough. They restored our walnut floors to their original luster. It was fun to work with true craftspeople who get excited about real wood flooring products. We unreservedly recommend Jesse and Ryan for your hardwood flooring needs."

Keith and Sharon P.
Woodland, WA
"Kinsey Hardwood Flooring came to do an estimate for me on an install, sand, and finish that would best match my decor. They were so knowledgeable and they were able help me decide on 4-inch walnut for my house in no time at all. I couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you Ryan and Jess."

Barbra K.
Portland, OR

Ever wondered why many homeowners are changing their carpeted floors to hardwood?

It’s no secret that choosing the right type of flooring is among the most significant decisions you will ever make. We’ve all been there.

And let’s face it…

Everyone has their own point of view on which flooring to go for, making it even more challenging to choose – until you realize that you have plenty of reasons to switch to hardwood floors.

woman walking on hardwood floor


Why People Switch to Hardwood Floors – And Why You Should, Too

Sure, a lot of people would go for carpets for the comfort they offer among other things. However, they are not as great as hardwood floors. Just ask someone who has switched from carpets (or even linoleum).

The truth is hardwood flooring is fantastic in so many ways.

Wait! Let me explain:

It has a classic look – which you can easily verify if you check out galleries of this type of floor – and with proper care, it can last several decades.

Still not convinced?

Here are even more reasons why you should have hardwood floors installed throughout your home:


Hardwood Flooring Can Grow Old with You

Linoleum is prone to scratches whereas carpets and their pads wear out. They also lose color and may retain stains, which can be revolting to look at. Tiles, on the other hand, are fragile because of their brittleness and their sealant naturally degrades over time.

But here’s the exciting thing with hardwood floors: they stay the same. Of course, you need to provide proper care and maintenance, but the beauty of this type of flooring is that it will not wear out.

Hardwood floors do not rot and worsen over time. Carpets may last years, but hardwood flooring can last generations.

Buy Once, Cry Once.

That’s the idea behind hardwood floors.

Not gonna lie, they can be expensive, especially if you choose the more luxurious types. Still, hardwood flooring will last a long time. Over time, you’ll come to realize your savings because of its longevity.

Yes, it is true.

You will spend more upfront than most other flooring types, but it will not demand any required maintenance. The lack of repairs and replacements will pay for itself.


Want a Cleaner House? Have a Cleaner Floor.

Another benefit is that you will enter a whole other dimension when it comes to floor cleaning with hardwood flooring. Let us compare again. With carpets, they absorb whatever you may have in your house. Their color reflects their life cycle and other people can easily tell your carpets have been around for quite some time. White turns to gray and brown becomes dirty – or dirtier – brown.

Meanwhile, hardwood floors will not give you those issues. If there is crud on your floors, you will see them right there. There is no absorption so you can easily see which parts need some cleaning. As a result, you will feel motivated to clean your floor and keep it shiny and spotless all the time.


It’s the Best Choice for People with Allergies.

If you or your loved ones have allergies, hardwood flooring is your best option. Carpets typically absorb dander, pollen, and other things that irritate those with allergies. With the hypoallergenic hardwood flooring, you do not have to worry about these problems, which is why it is an excellent addition to your health management strategy.


More Health Benefits to Offer

What if no one in your household has allergies, but you want everything in your home to be good for your health, including your floors? No problem! Hardwood flooring is beneficial to your health.

For instance, if you have joint, leg, feet, or back pains, cork is a hardwood flooring material that we often suggest. It is softer than other materials and is therefore gentle on your body, particularly under your feet. It also has antimicrobial features, so bacteria cannot breed.

Other types of hardwood materials, such as bamboo, are good for your health – especially if you compare them to carpets. While it is true that carpets can give you a cozy environment, they also make dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens as comfy as you.

Imagine if you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your home. Millions upon millions of dust mites keep multiplying, and they release allergens that can make you and your family sick.

Carpets also trap bacteria, and they are dusty, while hardwood flooring (as mentioned) is easy to clean. You do not have to call a professional to get rid of stains or have your floor polished unless you do not have the time to carry out these tasks.

For households with infants or kids, hardwood floor will always be the safer option than carpets. While you can always vacuum your carpets to your heart’s content to make sure they do not have germs and bacteria in them, they will deteriorate faster than ever.

Also, carpets have chemicals in them that can be toxic. Hardwood, on the other hand, is a natural product with extremely low chemical emissions.


Why Hardwood Staircases are In and Carpets are Out

Aside from its durability, choosing hardwood for your staircase has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Mopping and sweeping are the only chores you need to do unlike with carpets where you have to keep vacuuming them.
  • Hardwood adds value to your home.
  • They make your place more inviting, warm, and appealing.
  • They last for a very long time.

As mentioned, you have no worries about allergens like dust particles with hardwood floors, which is why your staircase should also use this type of flooring.


Light or Dark Hardwood? Tips to Make the Choice Easier

Most people find it difficult to choose between a dark-colored or light-colored wood. Luckily, we have pulled together some recommendations so you can select faster and more efficiently. Here are some cases when going for dark-colored wood makes sense:

  • The space you have is well-lit or has lots of windows.
  • You want to make a bold statement.
  • You want the room to have a warm look.
  • You do not mind having floors with some light scratches.

As for light wood, here are situations when it is the better choice:

  • You want to brighten the room.
  • You have a dark room with only a few windows around.
  • You want a classic look.
  • The floor should hide debris, scratches, and dirt.

Still cannot decide? It’s a good thing you can split the difference. One recommendation is cherry, which is an excellent compromise since it is not too dark and not too light. It has a lush, reddish color that will vitalize the room but it will not show blemishes compared to the darker counterparts.


The Battle between Hardwood and Laminate

Let’s cut to the chase: hardwood is better than laminate, mainly because it is a higher-quality material. Laminate merely is particleboard that has a photo layer to make it look like wood. On top of that, it has a sheet of plastic, while hardwood is 100% wood. Still, you may have some reasons why laminate fits you.

In truth, laminate flooring is cheaper and easier to install than hardwood floors. It also does not need recoating or finishing. However, this aspect can be a disadvantage since a damaged finish can never be repaired. You can expect to have laminate floors for a maximum of 10 years. Water infiltration, UV rays, and scratches can easily shorten its lifespan.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring will last a lifetime. You may need to recoat it periodically, but with proper care, it can stay sturdy and beautiful for a very long time.

With the durability, the appeal, and other factors, it is easy to see that hardwood floors are the clear winner over laminate, carpets, and other types of flooring.